By: Amanda Schroeder

Kids can be cute; I have 3 that are pretty adorable. I mean, they throw a lot of shade for humans under the age of 10 but that is about it. The teenage years are supposed to get a little “rough” but I can’t imagine any of my children ever killing someone. Unfortunately, though, there are some children that kill and there is a LOT of controversy over what should be done with them regarding punishment.

The controversy began in the 1980s when the term “super predator” initiated the court system to hand down harsher punishments for…

Nathan Leuthold, Denise Leuthold and children.
Nathan Leuthold, Denise Leuthold, and children.

Happy Valentine’s Day Babe I killed my wife for you.

This week we had planned on talking more about the beginnings of Gypsy Rose & Dee Dee Blanchard’s life but a case with imminent need has come to us.

Rodney Reed has been on death row for 22.5 years for the murder of his lover, Stacey Stites, a murder he says he did NOT commit. Reed was set to be executed on Nov. 20, 2019, but thankfully upon writing this article, Mr. Reed has now been granted a stay of execution.

Reed has exhausted 9 appeals and had 2 prior stays of execution that did not result in being granted…

Moms Who Kill Episode 1- Lacey Spears

Lacey Spears appeared to be the perfect blogging mommy. She lived a simple life nestled in the outskirts of New York City in a small community called the Fellowship. members of the community were tasked with caring for their elderly and in exchange, they were given a free place to live.

Lacey had moved there just before her son Garnett was about to start school. He had been a sick child from birth and Lacey wanted a good place for him to go to school that also had good medical care. Lacey…

So, you’re building your business on social media but it seems like no matter what you share it’s crickets. Your Facebook engagement is in the toilet and you have run out of great ideas to get people talking. Every small business owner faces this at some point.

Many times social media marketers turn to bad copy and paste posts or before and after posts of “friends” they really don’t know to fill the space when they are lost for inspiration.

But none of those posts are going to get your Facebook engagement popping. I’ve scoured the internet for amazing questions…

Tailwind for Pinterest is my favorite Pinterest Tool. It allows me to schedule my pins so that I’m not wasting valuable time constantly pinning content. I started using it just a few months ago and my blog traffic became insane.

If you want to grow your blog with Pinterest you have to be active. That means pinning every day on a consistent basis. You can’t throw out some pins once or twice a week and expect to grow your engagement and traffic.

I’m a busy mom and entrepreneur so finding time to sit down and pin 20 to 30 things…

Pinterest is more than a social media platform. You hear me say this a lot. It’s actually a visual search engine. So it thrives on content. So, none to say the least business owners are very important to Pinterest. Business owners who create Pinterest content keep Pinterest going.

Pinterest loves new content and it pushes that new content to the front of the platform. So, if you’re a business owner who loves to create Pinterest content, Pinterest loves you too.

There are over 1.5 million businesses on Pinterest so with those many businesses out there all working to create Pinterest…

We’ve learned how to set up your Pinterest for Business and How to Create Beautiful Pin Images now let’s get those pins working for you. We’re going to discuss Pinterest Ranking today and how with a few simple strategies you can rank on the first page every time you create a pin.

Pinterest can bring your blog, or products and services a ton of steady continuous traffic. The best thing is it doesn’t take that much time or effort to do it. I grew my Pinterest monthly views from 500 to 29.5K in less than a month. …

Franchesca Macelli

I wear A LOT of Hats LOL. I’m a producer, writer and actress focused on investigating true-crime.

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